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Timber and Wood Products

We are proud of serving the consumers with laminate flooring, plywood, plywood and osb options, which we sell to our business partners who manufacture solid panels, special order panels and also spruce and pine door frames with finger joint technique, with a wide product range and lumber varieties that we manufacture at reasonable prices.

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The most well-known feature of wood material, which make people to prefer it, is the temperature of the wood; It has low thermal conductivity and is a completely natural and healthy material. In addition, it is a building material with high resistance compared to its specific weight. In addition, it’s one of the positive effects on human health that it consumes very little energy (compared to other industrial materials) to produce products from wood. Other properties of wood material: Sound and heat insulation, not changing at high temperatures, resistance to shock and vibration, being able to be processed and joined with simple tools, not showing the fatigue seen in metals, resistance to corrosion and low-quality bases and acids, ease of surface treatment due to its porous structure, removal of defects. It is stated as being extremely easy to see, being protected against rotting by various methods, being the raw material of many industrial products by chemical means, and highly decorative in color and appearance properties.

The steps for solid panel manufacturing are; It consists of drying, slicing, defect removal, lath lengthening, longitudinal joining, juxtaposition, sizing, calibrating and packaging. Since solid panel products are mostly used in furniture manufacturing, customers expect both surfaces to be parallel (calibrated) and moderately fiber free. For this reason, both surfaces are calibrated and 100 or 120 sand abrasive panels are spaced according to the demand.

Solid panel is a real wood product. This product behaves like a solid wood with the ambient relative humidity and temperature. Therefore, it must be packaged that the adverse conditions of storage, shipment and user's storage do not affect the material. Shrink nylon is generally preferred. The packaged product is stocked in accordance with the stacking rules, as in all cases.

Check out more than 20 products of our business partners operating in the timber and wood sector with the assurance of KARON.



Check out more than 1500 products of over 100 distinguished brands with the assurance of KARON!

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