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Organic food, which refers to the production process of foods, has been frequently encountered in recent years when the return to natural life has begun. So how do you know if a product is truly organic? First of all, in order to use the organic label, you must make sure that no artificial additives are used in it. For example, it should not contain substances such as colorants, sweeteners and preservatives. The plants of the products in the organic food category are improved by using natural fertilizers.

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What is Organic Food? Products grown without the use of artificial chemicals, hormones, genetically modified organisms are called organic food. Fruits, vegetables, meat varieties, cereals and dairy products can be counted among the product alternatives that can be grown organically.

Industrial production, which has become widespread in the food sector; You may want to turn to natural food products because of the concern that fast, low-cost and standard quality products may start to deviate from natural and cause negative effects in terms of health, but you may not be able to find them everywhere. KARON brings organic, natural and gourmet flavors from world-famous brands and domestic producers to you. Gathering dozens of products in different categories such as organic breakfast products, natural drinks, sauces, snacks, chocolates, sweets, spices, soups, olives and olive oils, KARON offers gluten-free products and vegan foods that can be easily consumed by celiac patients, as well as organic products of reliable brands.

We continue our work by using our experience in healthy product development, adding new natural flavors, nutritional supplements, extracts, valuable oils, organic personal care products and many more products to our family based on the insights of our customers who have experienced and adopted our brands. Natural olive oil from the Aegean lands takes its place in KARON's product portfolio. The quality of olive oil depends on the olives harvested and other factors. Many internal and external factors such as the geography where the olive tree grows, climatic conditions, tree care, harvest time, processing method and duration, storage conditions affect the quality, smell, taste and acidity. Aware of these effects, all of our products are controlled by subjecting them to physical, chemical and sensory tests before and after production. Precision control is provided in the product selection phase, product entry quality control process, product purchasing and production entry processes. Thanks to this sensitivity, suitable olives for the best flavor scale of that year and the region are selected and brought to our company and presented to our valued customers with its valuable brand.

Our main purpose is to establish a fast, beneficial relationship based on user satisfaction in all channels we communicate with, and to be with you at all times in your healthy life journey.



Check out more than 1500 products of over 100 distinguished brands with the assurance of KARON!

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