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KARON is a wholesale trading company that provides high quality products and services. Distributing selected brands, KARON strives to meet the needs of customers and exceed their expectations. KARON has a wide range of food and beverage, cleaning products and more and provides all for your needs.

Konteyner Sahası

KARON brands meet with distinguished customer base at the most exclusive points of Turkey. This makes KARON a preferred business partner. KARON has a simple mission: to make customers' lives easier, provide excellent service, and help them grow. Its values ​​are an essential part of its culture and the source of its continued growth and success.

With its wide product range, KARON offers domestic and imported food, nuts, flour, olive oil, healthy and vegan snacks, organic farm products, fresh vegetables and fruits carefully produced with the principle of clean agriculture, cleaning detergents and chemicals, from selected brands to wide-ranging food products, beauty and cosmetics products, lumber, medical and medical products, paper and paper products and printing packaging companies in its portfolio. It aims to offer the products and services that meet the market demand to its customers in the fastest and most accurate way. KARON offers a wide range of product solutions to its customers' needs. Sustainability and food safety are the main targets in their business where adherence to industry regulations helps reduce risks for their clients. KARON's local focus has been a major role in its success and leads it to develop strong relationships with customers in every community.

The biggest strength in KARON's customer portfolio and product line is its comprehensive product offering, product range development, logistics capability, market penetration and diversity reflected by technology. A value-added mindset is a proactive approach that directly benefits customers. KARON serves a wide range of small, medium and large customers with tailor-made solutions suitable for the purpose of the point of sale. It is constantly looking for areas where it can add value and deepen his relationships with its customers. KARON has the service capacity and offering to handle all types of food and non-food service customers, no matter how large or small, including:

As KARON Trade we serve at following sectors:


Coffee Shops

Local Restaurants

Super Markets


Bars & Pubs

Cruise Ships and Airlines

Fast Food Chain Restaurants

Office & School & Universities

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Konteyner Sahası


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KARON has a nationwide presence in Turkey with its warehouses in Istanbul, Bursa, Trabzon and Antakya. It adopts all national and international standards related to the products and services it provides. It aims to continuously improve its management systems in terms of quality and food safety in every unit of its organization by following the legal legislation requirements as a principle. With its experienced staff; KARON's vision is to keep customer satisfaction at the forefront by meeting the needs and expectations of customers completely and on time, to be a respected company in the sector by offering quality, healthy and reliable products.

It aims to do better than its promises on sustainability since the beginning of its cooperation with its stakeholders who produce in accordance with good agricultural practices and European Union standards and values ​​and respects the nature-human relationship.

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